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Time Bound Payment

 Payit don’t hang onto your money or uses a third part system. Timely settlement directly into your local bank account

To completely understand why choosing Payit as the right payment gateway solution for you is critical, you need to have a sense of the path that a transaction goes through before being confirmed

No Extra Charges

As a business owner you’re responsible for a number of tasks and must be prepared for any potential hurdles — especially when it comes to payment processing.

The disadvantages of third-party payment processors is that transaction fees are high, sometimes as much as 3 percent, a lack of customer service, and they may make your business appear less professional


Businesses that use Payit  today can significantly reduce fraud and make the purchase process more efficient without sacrificing customer experience.

The primary objective of Payit is not only to prevent these cyber attacks but to offer to businesses a tool that allows them to control and manage their connections with their payment providers as well as their acquirers.